In The Spotlight: MORGAN

25th January, 2018

Read on to get the lowdown on what our lovely MORGAN has been up to... & find out what she said when we asked her our 10 'In The Spotlight' questions...

Mark Bruce Test

Morgan has just tested with fashion photographer @markbruce who's work we absolutely love. These a few of our faves. You should also go check out the 'Polaroid Model' interview for Ryker Mag which she did as part of the shoot.


More shots from this shoot can be seen on MORGANS profile page.

Q & A

We asked Morgan 10 questions to find out what she's all about!

1. What's your biggest talent? (besides being a great model obviously!)

The ability to be creative through many art forms.

2. How would your friends describe you in 3 words?

Diligent, compassionate and gleeful.

3. Best beauty / health tip?

Mindfulness: smiling is the most charming thing you can wear.

4. Who is your style icon?

Cara Delevingne

5. What is your claim to fame?!

This is yet to be claimed!

6. Favourite song to sing at Karaoke?

Mr Brightside by the Killers

7. Who's your guilty crush?!

Lee Jong Suk

8. What's your signature dish?

Chicken ramen for those cold winter months!

9. Favourite film?

Moulin Rouge

10. If you won the jackpot on the lottery, what would you buy first?!

I'd split it between my family without a doubt, everyone deserves a little break.

New Polaroids & Video

All our models are currently in the studio shooting new polaroids & videos to show that they are just as stunning in natural shots. Here are MORGANS!

Huge thanks to Scene Studios.

Morgan In The Spotlight Pol


So that's a wrap for our 'In The Spotlight' with MORGAN - thanks for reading! Keep looking out for more of our model interviews.

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